Why create a measure?

We believe it is helpful for people to have as much information about treatment option as possible so they can make informed choices about what is best for them. Research into the effects of Psychological Therapy is leading to a greater understanding about what therapies are more or less effective for different mental health conditions. At the moment however, we know less about what the possible negative effects of psychological therapy might be. We call these ‘adverse effects’. Before we can start measuring adverse effects, we first have to agree on what the adverse effects might be, and we need your help!

We would like to hear from people with experience of Psychological therapy, both experts by experience who have undertaken therapy, and professionals  who provide it. We will ask you to share your opinions of what you think the adverse effects of psychological therapy might be, combine everyone’s answers together and then later ask for your opinion of the list. If you are interested please read the Information sheet. You can sign up for the study here.

We hope that this will lead to the creation of an ‘outcome measure’ that  could be used in research studies to find out what negative effects people may experience during therapy so this can be shared with people considering psychological therapy.