What will happen during the study?

What will happen during the study?

This study involves 3 short surveys that we will ask you to complete online over a 4 month period.

  •  Survey 1: Survey about your opinions on ‘What are the adverse effects of psychological therapy?
  • Survey 2: A survey created from all the answers to Survey 1. We will ask you to rate each item as ‘essential’ or not. We will keep the items most people agree are essential.
  • Survey 3: A survey created from the answers to Survey 2. We will share the results from Round 2 and ask you to re-rate some items that we’re unsure about.

What will you be asked to do?

Step 1: If you are interested, we ask that consider the information about the study here. If you want to take part, you can email apt.study@ed.ac.uk and say you want to take part or sign up here.

Step 2: Once you sign up we will email you a link to the survey via email. The first page of the survey will share all the information about the project, and then ask you whether you consent to take part. If you choose to take part you will then be able to complete Survey 1. Unfortunately it is difficult to predict how much time each survey will take, but we aim to make it so that it will take no more than 30 minutes each time. If you change your mind at any point and no longer want to take part you can choose to: not answer any questions, ignore the invite, or email apt.study@ed.ac.uk to remove your email address from the list.

Step 3: Once recruitment is complete we will look at the results from Survey 1 and you all will be invited by email to complete Survey 2. Survey 2 will ask you to judge whether you think each item on a list is essential or not. Everyone will have 3 weeks to complete this survey, before we close it and look at the results.

Step 4: About six weeks later you will be invited to complete Survey 3, which will be similar to Survey 2, but a lot shorter!

You can follow the study on Twitter @aptstudy for updates. The final results will be shared by email with interested participants, submitted in a thesis project and submitted for publication in an academic journal.

We will not ask for your name, and your contact email address will be stored in a secure file and will not be linked to your responses. You can change your mind and leave the study anytime, but once you give an answer we won’t be able to remove your answers as we won’t link your name or email address with any of your responses.

What will happen to the results of the research study?

The results of the research will first be presented in a thesis project. We also plan to share them with you if you are interested and in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. The results might also be presented at conferences. If you accidentally include any identifying information we will remove it so that you will not be identified. Other important things to consider can be found here.